2016: Lanc to Milan

I’m sitting here sipping wine and trying to put into words my feelings about the fact that there is only three days, twenty two hours, and a handful of minutes until I get on a plane to move across the ocean. So for those of you who are sweet enough to read my first blog post, bless you and I apologize for my inevitable grammar errors about to occur. In order to start somewhere, I’ll start at the beginning.

This past summer, after a year of community college, I decided to take a break from school. I’ve always been a planner and it went against every part of me to step back and REST without knowing what was coming next. Looking back, I realize how important it is for us to trust God and just take one step at a time. I knew that I wanted to do some traveling, and thought I’d look into being an au pair (typically a young, foreign person who lives with a family and does housework and/or childcare) . It was something I had heard of people doing, but wasn’t sure how do-able it really was.

I found a website (http://www.greataupair.com/) that is, quite simply, like a match.com but for families seeking au pairs. I bought a month subscription. Within three weeks I had been invited to join a family of four in Milan, Italy and had accepted.

A few months later and here I am. Since then I’ve met a boy whom I adore. I’ve spent more time then ever with my family and close friends. I quit my jobs. I watched my beautiful sister rock out on homecoming court (she looked stunning). I got my third annual start-of-the-year-tattoo. I learned how to shoot a gun. I haven’t read as many travel books as I had hoped I would. And I’ve sucked at doing my daily Duolingo for Italian. I’ve had my moments of tears, but mostly moments of excitement for what’s to come.

I am hoping to keep this blog updated with my travels and such. If that interests you, please visit again.




4 thoughts on “2016: Lanc to Milan

  1. Terry says:

    All that you shared sounds like a life God will most definitely lead and direct. Stay real. Thanks for your help at Van Heusen
    Mr Heck


  2. amomim says:

    Amber I love your blog!! You will do well and have an amazing experience in Milan! Can’t believe it’s only 2 days until you leave but I am assured you will Love what you do and give it your all! I am proud of you and love you! Mom


  3. Donna Heck says:

    Hi Amber… thanks for the update… I’m Corey’s mommom and I’m so interested in what you 2 are up to… may God bless your time in Italy… praying for you as you go and I’ll tune in to your blog periodically. Blessings… mm Heck


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