The Alps, Bergamo, & daily life

It’sIMG_1202 been a little over three weeks of me living here in Milan and it is officially IMG_1310starting to feel like home. I can order a coffee in Italian, I’ve been to my first club ever, and I’m able to navigate more of the city every week.

The second weekend I was here the five of us went up to their mountain house in the alps. And WOW. Seriously, like, everyone needs to see the alps at least once in their life. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Our house is in a little village with a population of 100 people. Long ago it was used for housing cattle as they were moved up and down the mountain. Since then the barns have been renovated into little houses along the side of the mountain. The village has one grocery store and a few bars.

On Saturday we went skiing nearby the house. IMG_1127The picture to the right shows some of the houses and villages along the mountain. This was right before we took the lift up, over the mountain, to the ski resort on the other side. Below is the view from the top. Like I said, wow.

Giacomo, the oldest, had his second ski lesson that day. And lucky for me, I had my first one. I’ve never skied before but I’m trying to really take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way while I’m over here. So I paid 40 euros and had an hour lesson with a guy who thankfully spoke some English. I’m not exactly a pro yet, but I didn’t break anything and that has to count for something.

For lunch we hiked across a few slopes to a little restaurant tucked into the mountains. I discovered that ski boots may just be the most uncomfortable thing to walk in. But the walk to lunch was more than worth it. Italians love their pasta. Our lunch was a mixture of different pasta and potato dishes with some vegetables and goulash. Needless to say it was a fantastic lunch with an incredible view.

After skiing we headed back to our village where we stopped for some hot chocolate. IIMG_1158talian hot chocolate is quite different than what I’ve had in America. It’s quite literally chocolate. That’s hot. You’re better off eating it with a spoon because of how thick it is. For a chocolate lover like me, it’s fantastic. The next day we did some ice skating before heading home. I didn’t get to experience Snow Storm Jonas back home, but I did get my fill of snow for the weekend.IMG_1255

I have never appreciated Facebook more in my life than I have these last couple of weeks. There’s a Facebook page for au pairs in Milan with over 2,000 members and it’s a tremendous networking tool. A little over a week ago a girl posted about visiting Bergamo (a small city outside of Milan) for a chocolate festival. A few days later I was getting on a train with three other au pairs and heading to Bergamo where we met up with some more girls. We toured the city for the day and then headed back to Milan that evening.

This last week has been filled with too many cold, rainy days. But this coming week is carnival in Milan which I’m very excited to see. Rumor has it that it’s similar to America’s Halloween but for longer than one day. The kids all dress up to go out. Giacomo and Dodo are going as Orion and Spiderman. There will be pictures to come of the two cuties, I promise.

Lastly, I went to my first Italian Pizzeria and I was shocked to find that there is no “one slice” option on the menu. The single servings are an entire pizza. And it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. I mean who knew that a place existed where it was socially acceptable to eat an entire pizza by yourself?

Sorry for the insane length of this post. Happy Sunday all.



2 thoughts on “The Alps, Bergamo, & daily life

  1. Brenda Frantz says:

    Hi Amber, Brenda here. Glad to hear you have settled in!! Place looks amazing!! Just be careful with the skiing and ice skating…..we don’t want any broken bones!! Enjoy yourself and take care!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. amomim says:

    I am so happy you get to see the many beautiful places in Italy! The experiences you have and friendships you have found will last a lifetime!! Although we miss you we are happy you are following your dreams!! Love you, Mom ❤️


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