What you are about to read is my poor attempt at putting the beauty of Venice into words. Really, it cannot be done. But I hope to give you all a small glimpse of it.IMG_1486

First, shout out to my three American ladies who made this weekend one of the best yet. You don’t appreciate people from your homeland until you live in another country where few people understand your need for a large breakfast, your love for peanut butter, or your issues with visas. I felt so blessed to have been brought together with these girls (two of which I had not met prior to this trip). Thanks for putting up with my annoying need to give everything a timetable. I adore you all. xoxoIMG_1470.JPG

IMG_1469Saturday morning I crawled out of bed way before the sun to catch my 6:35am train from Centrale. I had one connection before arriving at Santa Lucia station. When you walk out of the train station, you are immediately standing by the Grand Canal. And it’s incredible. IMG_1471

IMG_1474We all arrived at different times on Saturday. Three of us walked around some of Venice before catching a water bus to Lido, an island to the east of Venice where we had booked out AirBnB. Travel tip: if you are looking to go to Venice and staying overnight, let me tell you, everything in Venice is quite expensive. We found a flat in Lido that was very affordable (it hosts 5, I’d be happy to recommend the place) and is about a 20 minute waterbus ride from St. Marco. I have heard that staying on the mainland is also a good choice.

After all four of us were settled, we headed back to Venice for what was left of the afternoon and evening. I had read before that the best way to visit Venice was to get lost in it. As much as that goes against my desire to schedule, I would completely agree. If you’re looking to get lost somewhere, Venice is your place. IMG_1500Venice is made up of 118 islands resulting in little side streets around every corner and over every bridge. The streets are a mixture of cafe’s, bakeries, apartments, hotels, and more. There is nothing like Venice.

Sunday we made toast and eggs at our flat. The typical Italian family has a small breakfast, a biscuit or croissant maybe, which is far from what I’m used to in Lancaster County. We then headed out to walk around Venice some more and travel to a nearby island, Burano.


Burano is an island known for bright-colored buildings. We spent most of our time here walking around and taking pictures of the houses and admiring the colors. We then bought two pizzas to-go and drank our grocery store bottle of wine by the water. It was (cheap) lunch with a beautiful view.

IMG_1537Sunday night, on our way back, we picked up take-out Chinese and ate it back at the house. We went out later for a little and I had my first Spritz, a well-known drink in Venice. Monday morning we climbed the bell tower in Piazza San Marco. Despite the foggy morning, it was still a stunning view from up high.

Thanks for following along with my adventures. Ciao friends.


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