I'm almost 20 years old. I've moved across the ocean. I'm really working on this whole independent young adult thing here, but I've learned something: I need my momma. Always have, always will. I'm lucky enough to call my mom one of my best friends, and I've really missed coming home at the end of the day to her asking, "how was your day?" Technology … Continue reading MOM CAME TO ITALY

Firenze (Florence)

The Monday after Easter, Liz and I headed to Florence riding the magically cheap FlixBus. It's a bus system that goes throughout Europe, taking people places for as little as one euro. In this case, I believe the ride from Rome to Florence was nine euros. It was a steal. Neither of us minded the … Continue reading Firenze (Florence)

Roma.. A dream.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in the capital of Italia, Roma. Not only that, but I was able to see it during Easter weekend which was a magical dream. Friday late afternoon I flew out of Milan to Rome. I've mentioned before the beauty of European flights- but there is … Continue reading Roma.. A dream.