Firenze (Florence)

The Monday after Easter, Liz and IIMG_2048 headed to Florence riding the magically cheap FlixBus. It’s a bus system that goes throughout Europe, taking people places for as little as one euro. In this case, I believe the ride from Rome to Florence was nine euros. It was a steal. Neither of us minded the almost four hour ride because it gave our feet a much needed break (seriously, Rome will kill your feet).

IMG_2034After checking into our hostel, we relaxed and took much needed showers. Then we got our tired butts up and went for a walk and to grab dinner. Florence’s smaller size was a refreshing change. It’s easily walkable, and most of the main sights are within a 15 minute walk from each other, at most. Soon after leaving our hostel we came across Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo and basically fell in love. It’s an indoor market that’s open from 10am to midnight and it has the variety to keep you coming back throughout the day. Liz and I both agreed that it was time to take a break from pasta and pizza and try something different. We decided on veggie burgers! It was my first one and I LOVED it.

There was also a street market going onIMG_2033.JPG outside the market. We walked through it, headed to the main sight- the Duomo. As usual, the piazza surrounding it was crammed with tourists. We joined right in and stood in amazement of the structure that was first started at the end of the 13th century.


For the rest of the evening we walked around more, found the river, and enjoyed the sights of the small, romantic city. We even found more street markets.

IMG_2076Tuesday morning we rented bikes and decided to use that as our means of transportation throughout the city. Tip to travelers coming to Italy- many many cities take part in bike sharing or bike rentals and it’s usually quite inexpensive. One of our top priorities for the day was to find Piazza Michelangelo. The walk up to the piazza wasn’t even that terrible! It’s a must when visiting Florence.

We both headed home later that day. Florence was just a short trip but it was worth it. The city is beautiful and hopefully next time I’ll have more time to stroll these pretty streets.



One thought on “Firenze (Florence)

  1. amomim says:

    Always Love Love to read your posts in detail! Beautiful City with Amazing Architecture as usual in Italy! 😊 What a great way to travel by bike.. Hoping we get to do that in June . Hi to Liz.. Your traveling buddy.. Love you and keep writing your journey!! ❤️ Mom


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