t w e n t y –

I turned twenty last week. I do not have my life together and perfectly planned as I always hoped I would by this point. I am not enrolled in college, working towards that perfect job and degree. And that’s okay.

To my high school, teenage self, here are a few things I wish you had known:

  1. Yes, college is a good thing. No, it is not for everyone. And no, you are not a failure for being unsure about college. It’s okay to take a gap year. Don’t enroll in classes just because that’s what everyone else is doing. Seriously, don’t do it.
  2. Stop complaining so much. Your life is not a difficult one. Suicides at soccer practice are not the worst thing that will happen to you. Spend more time encouraging your teammates and less time gossiping about them. Soak up every moment of being a part of a sports team, it will never be like this again. Appreciate your coach, they do actually know more than you.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.
  4. Be nice to your classmates and your friends. You literally will not have a face to face conversation with at least 80% of them after school. Yes, I know that seems crazy when adults tell you that. Yes, I know you think that all your friends will still be your friends in 20 years. But not everyone is made to be apart of your life forever. So enjoy this time.
  5. That boy, he’s not worth your tears. He’s not worth chasing after. Let him go, God has a better plan. Not finding the love of your life in high school will not equal a life of singleness.
  6. It’s okay to be alone. That is not the worst thing in the world.
  7. Please stop trying to please everyone. It’s not something you can accomplish and it will exhaust you.
  8. Stop fighting with your best friend over trivial things. Instead, go on more late night food runs, watch more South Park while sipping Moscato, and accept your differences.
  9. Your family, they are always going to be there. Remember, you will always be loved.

Never could I have guessed that I’d be living in Italy. When I was in elementary school I remember being scared to go to sleepovers. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to sleep away from my bed. Thankfully, I’ve come far since then.

Cheers to the 20’s & all the adventures that are just around the corner.


3 thoughts on “t w e n t y –

  1. Brenda Frantz says:

    Very well said Amber!! When I walked out of high school in 1963 little did I know some of my best friends I would never see or hear from again. Soon your family will be visiting and I hope you have a great time showing them around Italy!! Stay safe Amber and enjoy!! ❤️

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  2. Tim R. says:

    That is awesome perspective. You have a great head on your shoulders. To realize that this young is really good. Not that I really know you, but both my wife Lisa and I could tell you were a special person when we went to Juarez. God will keep blessing and using you.


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