Lantz family takes Italy pt 2

Sunday morning we took the train to Verona, the city of love. Our luck with the weather ran out that day and we were greeted in the city with rain. But we made the most of it, and still enjoyed Verona's sights. Verona is home to a famous Roman amphitheater. Similar to the Colosseum in … Continue reading Lantz family takes Italy pt 2

Lantz family takes Italy pt 1

My family came to hang out with me and my Italian family for almost two entire weeks and it was the best thing ever. June 13th my parents, sister, and friend started their journey overseas. For my dad, Mer, and Brooke this was there first flight overseas to Europe. They were all champs. I picked … Continue reading Lantz family takes Italy pt 1

Sestri Levante

Milano continues to impress me and awe me. One of the many reasons why: location. Drive a couple hours either way from center city, and you're somewhere totally different. Head up north, you can find Lake Como. Continue past the lake a bit and you can reach the Swiss Alps. A few weekends ago I … Continue reading Sestri Levante