Sestri Levante

Milano continues to impress me and awe me. One of the many reasons why: location. Drive a couple hours either way from center city, and you’re somewhere totally different. Head up north, you can find Lake Como. Continue past the lake a bit and you can reach the Swiss Alps. A few weekends ago I was able to finally go west from the city to the beautiful Italian seaside. Seaside of choice: Sestri Levante. It did not disappoint.


Sestri Levante is a small town along the Ligurian Riviera. It used to be a quiet fishing spot, but word is spreading of it’s beauty. It’s made up of two bays, both within walking distance of the other. I attempted to capture both in the photo below. If you look over the top of the front row of apartments, you can see another bay located behind it.


We arrived Friday evening and I was shown the first bay, made up of individual private beaches. It appears to be less touristy, as many Italians travel here for the summer and own a spot on the private beaches.


Milano apparently gets quite unbearable in the months of July and August. So, anyone who is able to, moves out of the city. The boys and I will be living here for a period of time this summer, and I have to say that I think I can be okay with it. I mean, you know, if I have to.



Saturday we spend the afternoon in the neighboring bay at a beautiful beach, with a backdrop of bright colored apartments and hotels. The water was the clearest that I’ve ever seen. The Atlantic ocean has nothing on the Mediterranean Sea. Finished off the day, Saturday with coffee gelato with Nutella on top. Perfect ending.

Sunday we woke up to rain and headed back to the city. It was a weekend well spent.


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