An Italian Summer

IMG_4088.JPGSchool finished in Milano for the boys end of June and we moved right to the seaside to escape the city heat. Our house was in a small town on the Italian Riviera called Sestri Levante. Trust me, it did not take me long to absolutely fall in love with this town. For three weeks I was there with my boys, but thankfully I was accompanied by another adult almost the entire time so the boys didn’t drive me completely crazy.IMG_4111.JPG

The first week was a ROUGH one. Dodo, the youngest, caught a terrible stomach flu of some sorts (this was literally hours after the parents had left-not the best way to start the three weeks) which changed all the plans. So Giacomo and I spent a lot of time IMG_4143.JPGtogether. Thankfully as we arrived to the first weekend, Dodo was gaining his strength back and we were all happy to see the parents when they came for the weekend.

Sestri has a weekly market every Saturday morning. It’s filled with fruits, vegetables, clothes, swimsuits, really anything you can think of. A girl could spend way to much there way to quickly. I survived my first visit with only shoes and a swimsuit.


The first weekend we were there we went out on the boat and I got a killer view of Sestri and the neighboring towns.

In Milano a lot of people speak English, plus I’ve made a lot of international friends, so really I’m not forced to speak Italian much. In Sestri, I quickly learned that not near as many people speak English. And I realized that I was thankful for it. Suddenly I had to use my (poor) Italian to make friends, start a conversation, and it was so great for me.

Two other great things about Sestri: their gelato and their sunsets. Both are so pretty. Yes, I took a lot of pictures of my gelato but look at them, can you really blame me??

Punta Manara, a short hike away from the town, takes you up above one of the bays in Sestri, and along the water to a point between Sestri and Riva Trigoso. The views are absolutely stunning.


IMG_4366.JPGBy the end of my three weeks here I was sad to go. The town is one of my favorite places inIMG_4313.JPG Italy, because of the people, the holiday lifestyle, the views, and the beautiful sea. Now I just have to find a way to return every summer.


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