I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of my favorite things about Milano is it’s location. Two hours north, you’re in the Alps. Two hours southwest and you’re at the seaside. It makes getting out of the city for day trips very accessible. So on a Saturday morning in June, my friend Lucy and I bought cheap bus tickets and escaped for the day.

Genoa is a port city, well known for it’s aquarium. The weather was nice that day so we both opted out of spending half our day inside. But apparently for the majority of people, it’s a must-see when visiting. Instead, we walked around the city center and then caught a bus to Boccadesse, a nearby town also along the sea.


IMG_3207We then returned to Genoa to have lunch with a fellow au pair. She showed us around some more of Genoa, including a beautiful manmade waterfall in the city.

Another thing I love- the au pair community in and around Milano. I was able to write on the facebook group page about going to Genoa, and a local au pair living there volunteered to meet up with us and show us some sights.

IMG_3210IMG_3212IMG_3216IMG_3208To finish out the day we sat at the port and watched cruise ships come and go. A calm evening before heading back to the city.



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