Italian Holiday weekend: Parma & Bologna

IMG_2918.JPGParma, a small city located South-East from Milano, was the perfect afternoon stop to start out a holiday weekend this past June. Myself, along with three friends, booked an airbnb in Bologna for a long weekend getaway. The train to Bologna stops in Parma, so we took advantage. It’s a university town, famous for parmesan cheese.

The cloudy morning weather cleared up soon after we arrived and we enjoyed walking through the small town. Parma is easy to see in a day, for sure. We grabbed lunch, saw the Duomo of Parma, grabbed gelato, and then hoped back on the next train to continue our journey to Bologna.

Bologna is rightfully known for it’s university. University of BolognaIMG_2969.JPG is the oldest university in the world, established in 1088 (and it’s never been out of operation). We arrived to our Airbnb Friday evening and I must say- I think this may be my favorite Airbnb that I have stayed in yet. I mean it had a yellow plant wall. HOW COOL IS THAT.


IMG_2978.JPGIt was late but Lucy and I took a walk into the center piazza Friday night before calling it a night. June 3rd was also the day that Mer, my sister, graduated high school. So obviously I stayed up IMG_3006until 2 am live streaming her graduation.

Saturday we toured the historic center of Bologna. Saw a few churches, found a farmers market, ate the famous Bolognese Tortellini, and drank too much coffee.

Sunday the main event, aside from seeing more pretty sights, was conquering the Asinelli Tower or the Tower of Bologna. Also know as the largest leaning tower in Italy.


It was a relaxing weekend, with little to no plans. Another two Italian cities checked off my list.



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