Sunshine, American friends, & a ruined city

Napoli, I just couldn't stay away. August 9th I traveled down to Napoli for a second time, this time with a close friend from Milano. I had previously booked a room in an Airbnb where we met three other American girls (TRAVEL FRIENDS ILY) hours after arriving. We took the first afternoon and evening easy, walking … Continue reading Sunshine, American friends, & a ruined city

Germania (Munich, Jena, Nuremburg)

August, for me, came with three entire weeks of freedom. After leaving my host family in the mountains, I spent one night in the city doing laundry, unpacking, and repacking. The goal of the next week was to visit a friend who lives in Jena. For this week I chose to travel by train (with a Eurorail pass-I'd totally recommend … Continue reading Germania (Munich, Jena, Nuremburg)