Sunshine, American friends, & a ruined city

Napoli, I just couldn’t stay away. IMG_5005.JPG

August 9th I traveled down to Napoli for a second time, this time with a close friend from Milano. I had previously booked a room in an Airbnb where we met three other American girls (TRAVEL FRIENDS ILY) hours after arriving. We took the first afternoon and evening easy, walking down to the sea, visiting the Castel dell’Ovo and finishing with -bet you can’t guess- pizza.

Over dinner Monday night we discussed our plans for the next day and discovered that we were all going to Pompeii. So Tuesday morning we caught a train over to the ancient city of Pompeii, a city which, in 79 AD, was covered with 13-20 feet of volcanic ash. Since then they’ve recovered most of the city and it is now somewhat of an outdoor, walk-through museum.

After a day in Pompeii we were all exhausted. We found a good pizza and pasta restaurant for dinner and called it a day. By the next morning, we had all parted ways. I headed along the coast, a bit more south, to Sorrento for my next adventure.




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