IMG_5331.JPGWhile in Massa, I decided to take a day trip to Portovenere, another one of Italy’s dreamy seaside towns. This one is located at the end of the Liguria region, past Cinque Terre, and can only be reached by car or boat. Portovenere, along with the Cinque Terre towns, was named a World Heritage sight by UNESCO in 1997. It is very small, good for a relaxing afternoon. I did not know much about this town orIMG_5308.JPG the three islands surrounding it, so I immediately booked a boat trip to see the islands close by.

Before my boat tour, I walked up to the main church in Portovenere, the Church of St. Peter, located at the far tip of the peninsula. This church was consecrated in 1198 and restored in the 1930s. To the right of the church, I found one of my all-time favorite relaxation spots. I mean LOOK AT THAT WATER. It was filled with tourists and locals alike, sunning themselves on the large rocks or cooling off in the clear water.



My boat tour, lasting about 45 minutes, took the group of us around the three surrounding islands, in small grottos, and gave us stunning views of Portovenere from the water.

I only spent the afternoon here in Portovenere, and I feel that I was able to see most of it. Of course I could have spent hours more sunbathing, but that will have to wait until next summer. Another city checked off my list, and another city that I hope to return too.



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