Summer ’17

IMG_2714.JPGMonths later and I am finally writing another post. Apologies on the lack of posts, but the last seven months have been a bit of aIMG_0013(1).JPG whirlwind. This past June I returned stateside for the summer to apply for my student visa and spend some time with family. The two and a half months were filled with lots of family time (I was an only child for the summer woot woot), stress filled trips to the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia, a trip to Rhode Island and IMG_2584.JPGMexico, three part time jobs, and sIMG_2623.JPGome fun in Lancaster with friends. The summer flew by. Despite the lack of the Italian Riviera, this past summer was still one for the books.


Visiting my sister and future brother-in-law in Mazatlán, Mexico was definitely a highlight of my summer. It was only five days, but it was a good five days. I IMG_0024.JPGhad minimal sleep the night before and crashed upon arrival in Mazatlán due to my lack of sleep and the INSANE HEAT TEMPERATURES (Mer was not impressed that I missed dinner). When I finally got up hours later, we went out for a few glasses of wine (she knows me well) and walked around a bit of the town in the evening light. Day two was spent at the beach and ended with a beautiful sunset and tacos.

IMG_0145(1)The rest of the trip followed suit, beach for most of the day and then eating aaaaaaall the Mexican food in the evening. July and August are two of the hottest months in IMG_6575Mazatlán, and I preferred to spend as much of my time in my swimsuit, in reach of the ocean.

The last night I was there, we made homemade ravioli in Tex’s kitchen. A group of American’s trying to be Italian in Mexico. It was interesting. But the result was yummy and it was a lovely ending to the trip.

After Mexico, the rest of my summer flew by. I managed to lose my wallet two weeks before my visa appointment and spent most of my last weeks running around like a headless chicken trying to get all my paperwork in line.

On August 11th I received my Italian visa and I spent the next week and a half packing, spending time with family and friends, and getting ready to do the one thing I doubted I would ever do again, let alone look forward to. Go back to university.


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