the weekend I fell in love with Ireland

Last October I received a message from a fellow Lancaster County girl, saying that she was also living in Europe and that I was welcomed to come visit anytime. Hannah Kochanowski I will love you forever for that message. In the following weeks I booked a flight to Dublin for a long weekend to hang out with a girl who I had met once, years ago, in a Lancaster County corn maze. I do not know what I expected from the weekend. But I definitely did not foresee all that it became.


Fast forward to late February and I was on my late Friday night flight to Dublin for the first time. One of my first impressions, I don’t care what you say, they speak a different language I swear. After navigating myself onto a bus, Hannah met me at the bus stop by her house and we spent the next few hours chatting – it couldn’t even be counted as catching up as we weren’t really friends before. It was more like summaries of our lives and what lead to both of us studying our degrees abroad in Europe.

Han, being the dear that she is, planned out the weekend perfectly. IMG_2930We spent Saturday morning walking around the center of Dublin. Strolling through Grafton Street, St. Stephan’s Green Park, Temple Bar of course, among other things. It felt like the first proper vacation that I had taken it awhile. Typically when I travel to new cities I pack my agenda full of all the places I have to see and all the foods I have to try. This time, it was more about enjoying a new city with someone who already felt like an old friend. And having her show me around the city that she had fallen in love with.


IMG_2952Saturday night Han was finally introduced to Limoncello and we went out to some local bars and I met some of her friends. It was a fun evening but it made getting up the next morning a bit rough. We had an EARLY morning bus tour booked to the Cliffs of Moher (ask Han how the bus ride went). Which was quite possibly one of my favorite parts of the trip.

No words can do the view justice. No pictures either, but I think they do a bit of a better job. If you look closely you can see people walking along the ridge in some of the pictures. It shows a bit just how massive these cliffs really are. After the cliffs, our bus dropped us off in a small village to grab lunch. And then we went to the sea to see the cliffs from down below.


I had my flight on Sunday evening. So we got up Sunday morning to do some more exploring in Dublin. I tried the best hot chocolate, we walked through Trinity College, and then finished the afternoon with lunch in a pub and of course – Guinness.


Hannah is the kind of person who when she says something, she means it. When she invites you to come visit, she means it. When she says she’ll be your tour guide, you better believe you’re getting one of the best. She’s the kind of person who is real and funny and honest and I am incredibly grateful to call her a friend. A few months later she came to visit me in Italy for her first time! A blog post of the girl squad weekend in Rome will be coming soon!!


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